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Thrive Therapy Center has over 30 years combined experience helping clients feel better. We have devoted ourselves to helping people navigate their lives and offer compassionate, supportive and confidential care. We utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, art therapy and EMDR. Our goal is to tailor services to meet the specific needs of each one of our clients. We believe clients are experts of their own life experiences and feel honored when they allow us to walk with them in their healing journeys.​

Maria Ines Butler, LCSW


Pronouns: she/her/her

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) and bi-cultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker with particular interest and experience working with issues related to loss & grief, sexual abuse, trauma, intimacy issues, relationship difficulties as well as life transitions and acculturation issues.   I have over a fifteen years of experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma due to childhood sexual abuse, sexual victimization, intimate partner violence and trafficking.  I work with clients coping with infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth & the loss of a child and feel honored to be a witness to their loss & grief. 

I help clients develop their strengths by providing a safe space where they can gain insight, explore possibilities, develop coping skills and process traumas & losses.  I believe in the strength of the individual and their desire to change as well as in the power of a non-judgmental and supportive therapeutic relationship.  I believe in empowering clients to live fuller and happier lives and I understand the importance of empowering clients to take an active role in their healing journey. Clients are experts of their own life experiences. 

​As someone who had relocated five times and lived in five countries by the time I was 16 years old, I have had first hand experience with the struggles faced by many who relocate to new countries and cultures.   As a “Third Culture Kid” (TCK) myself, I am aware of the importance of processing issues many TCKs who relocate face such as loss & grief, acculturation and adjustment issues as well as the culture shock that often accompanies “returning home”. 

I received my Master's in Social Work from the Catholic University of America and I am currently licensed to practice in Virginia.  I am a proud recipient of the 2013, 2014 & 2015 Best of Fairfax Award in the Marriage Counselor category by the Fairfax Award Prog

Kristina Kallini, LCSW


Pronouns: she/her/her

​I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master’s in Social Work and am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Virginia with years of experience working with youth and families in addressing life stressors unique to individuals/families, supporting youth and families in responding to and dealing with crisis situations, and helping individuals make changes to better themselves and their relationships with others.

One of the aspects of growing up and living in Northern Virginia that I hold in high regards and value is the diversity in members of the community. My educational and professional practice experiences combined with my personal life experiences and relationships growing up contribute to my knowledge of common emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges and strengths across differences (in race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc).

I have experience providing individual, group, and family therapy as well as co-parenting counseling. I take a strengths-based, client-centered, eclectic approach in working with individuals which means that I do not follow any one specific approach or work from one theoretical frame. I work with individuals to help them in being aware of their individual protective factors, strengths, interests, and skills sets while working through challenges and offer a welcoming space to discuss and practice healthy ways for addressing and managing unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and stressful situations to achieve personal goals.

​I value each therapeutic relationship and view information shared with me by children, youth, adults, and families (however a “family” may be individually defined) as a gift, acknowledging that I learn and gain from others during the therapeutic process. I believe that all individuals have strengths and qualities that can be utilized to help them be successful and overcome even the most challenging obstacles and that it is essential. 

Lori Harkin Huse, LCSW


Pronouns: she/her/her

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master's in Social Work and am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I am bicultural and bilingual (Spanish/English) and am proud of my Latin heritage.  I have strong ties to the Latino cultural and have spent significant time abroad in Latin America.  I am familiar with challenges immigrant populations face here in Northern Virginia related to acculturation and grief/loss.  I have worked with families, children, adults, and adolescents for fourteen years.

I have particular interest and experience working with children who have experienced trauma, grief/loss, and other issues related to child abuse and neglect.  I am also versed in working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, and specialize in treating women who are experiencing postpartum related issues.  I offer individual and group parenting support.  I enjoy working with new mothers around breastfeeding, nutrition, wellness, and self-care.  We will work together to tailor your specific treatment goals to your needs.

When working with couples, I use the enneagram tool to begin discussions around deeper meaning and connection with your significant other.  I utilize a multifaceted approach in partnering with individuals & couples to alleviate symptoms to live a fuller and more fulfilling life.  I use mindfulness meditation and imagery techniques to build upon the strengths you have that you may not even know exist.

I am attuned to the importance of the mind-body connection and supporting an individual's capacity to build upon his or her own mind-body awareness.  I am certified as a Reiki Level Two practitioner and is working towards a Master Level certification and recently became certified as an Integrative Energy Therapist and works to incorporate energy healing into her clinical work with children and adults. I provide a comforting space filled with peace and tranquility to begin your meaningful work towards your treatment goals.  I look forward to partnering with you to experience the therapeutic journey together. I wish you peace and tranquility.

Andréa Nunes-Gardner, LPC


Pronouns: she/her/her

I am a trilingual (Portuguese/English/Spanish) Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  I graduated from Marymount University with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I also have a degree in Psychology from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (in Brazil) and worked as a Licensed Psychologist in Brazil for a few years before moving to the United States. In addition to my education, I have more than eleven years of professional experience in providing counseling services to clients and families dealing with mental health issues. My clinical experience includes counseling children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. I have expertise in the areas of depression, anxiety, trauma, unresolved emotional issues, self-esteem, self-empowerment, family concerns, grief and relationship issues, and individual counseling for personal and emotional growth. 

I have a warm, relaxed, and comfortable approach to counseling.  I utilize a variety of orientations and therapies, according to the client's individual needs. My approach involves genuine caring, compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment.  I work with clients from a strength-based, positive, and affirming perspective.

I moved to the United Sates in 2009 to learn English. I accomplished my goal and unexpectedly fell in love with the United Sates and the amazing people that I have met here, creating roots in Virginia and ultimately deciding to call it home. As an immigrant, I understand the cultural challenges that immigrants face and the contributions immigrants bring to the American culture. I am very proud of my integrated cultural background and hope to support you to recognize your strengths and core values. I am excited to work with you in this journey of self-awareness, empowerment, and compassion.